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Nuances of Nature Series
Frozen Memories
Glass on Glass
(Pink Roses)
Alcohol ink series
(The Dance)
Unanswered Questions
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Alcohol Ink Series

a journey through abstract expressionism

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Into Eternity
Grey Matters
The Dance
The Confession
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In these mosaics, I explore the deeper side of human moods and emotions. For example, while the beads in "Bliss" speak to the spreading of joy, "The Dance" explores the universal movement to music.

Nuances of Nature

mosaic panels on handmade substrates

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These are rectangular handmade substrates featuring hand-cut Kaleidoscope C3 glass tiles, specialty stained glass, and ceramic pieces, reflecting nature.


Glass on Glass Series

glass on glass substrate

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Pink Roses


Exploring the use of stained glass, glass tiles, mirror, and tempered glass on glass substrates.

Tempered Glass with Natural Stone

mixing stone and metallic glass

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Unanswered Questions

a textural odyssey
$800 Sold

Using a paint containing tiny particles of real metals and an oxidization technique, I created the perfect background for natural stone and handmade ceramic pieces.

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