Artist Statement


I think I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of colors and textures, especially those found in the natural world. As a young child, the forests and rolling hills of western Pennsylvania were my playgrounds. In the spring and summer months, I celebrated seeing wildflowers dot the bright green fields, where I rode my beloved horses. I held smooth, shiny pebbles and felt the silky moss that lined the trickling stream in my backyard. I romped in the lush woodland, collecting lichen-covered sticks while marveling at the mayapples that resembled little green umbrellas. In autumn, the brilliantly colored leaves of the sugar maples sharply contrasted with the fields of gold and the bright blue autumn sky. During winter, delicate white snowflakes and shiny icicles greeted me many mornings. At night, the moon illuminated the serene landscape, and the stars looked like softly sprinkled powder across the velvety black sky.


After years of experimentation and practice, I am still fascinated by the way natural stone (slate, marble, granite) and unique raw minerals will fracture under the force of my Italian hammer and hardie tools. These same tools, used in ancient times, still hold an important place in the studios of modern-day mosaic masters. I am still smitten with the hues of fine Italian handmade smalti glass, and the way the light refracts across the highly textured surfaces of carefully combined materials. Along with nature, I am deeply inspired by many influences, ranging from ancient to modern. It is my hope that my art brings together color, texture, space, and light as a means to convey my love of the natural world, and to kindle these emotions in others. Mosaic art is one of the most ancient and durable forms of art. Much like the stitches in needlepoint, pieces of tesserae combine into a powerful and evocative unified expression. Each tessera means something: if you take away one, the entire composition changes.