Blue Nude


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This sculpture was inspired by the Color Field and Monochrome artworks of the famous French painter, Yves Klein, and especially his “Anthropometries,” The Anthropometries were Klein’s radical and unorthodox method of painting the bodies of female models who were nude, using his famous International Klein Blue color. The models would imprint their blue paint-covered bodies onto blank canvases, using their own bodies as paintbrushes.

This artwork is completely handmade. It features cement-based materials used to create the “shell" of the sculpture and the sturdy base. The sculpture and base are covered by metallic blue paint. The mosaic tesserae include iridescent blue stained glass, transparent blue stained glass, several types of iridescent blue beads, reflective “Illuminated Shards”®, and micro metallic particles.  

20 inches (l), 10 inches (w), 6.5 inches (d)

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